Third Party Tools

Screeps has a rich third party development community which have built a number of tools, libraries and web applications. If you have a tool not listed here, feel free to edit this article.

Use Caution
  • Never give your password out to a third party.
  • Many third party programs are built using unofficial APIs and may stop working at any time.
  • All third party programs are run at your own risk- they are not reviewed by game devs and could cause unforeseen issues.

Languages Support

You can set up an external transpiler to write your Screeps AI in another language.





API Clients

The Screeps API is not official and may change at any time. These clients are maintained by the community and are used to generate many of the services and programs on this page.


  • Screeps Monitor is an Android app that provides players with account and game statistics, as well as a full messaging client and a market history. (No longer available).


  • screeps-backup is a simple backup and restore utility for memory and segments.


  • screeps_console is an interactive stand alone console built with python. It supports common console keyboard shortcuts, has a number of built in commands, and has light and dark themes. There is a non-interactive version that is also included.


  • gdborton's profiler is a function wrapper based profiler that is extremely useful in finding performance issues.

Programming Tools


  • Screeps Notify provides an in game interface which lets players send messages to out of game services. It has a built in SMS system and can also support sending messages to arbitrary http endpoints.


Screeps runs constantly, and as a player it's not possible to watch everything that occurs. There are also issues which may show up when watching long term trends but not during the times which players are watching. For these reasons it's not surprising that the most popular applications are those used to track statistics.

  • ScreepsPlus Grafana is a services provided by ags131 that works with Grafana. In order to avoid password sharing it uses an agent to run and collect statistics.
  • screeps-stats stores console data and statistics in elasticsearch, making it accessible in kibana. This system utilizes segments to reduce the in game demand that storing lots of data can cause. This is a self hosted service.
  • screeps-grafana is the original stats program. It uses Grafana as it's front it. Like screeps-stats this is a self hosted option.
  • screeps-ConsoleStats provides stats without requiring an external service.


Pushing code to the server can be done using these plugins to common programs.

  • grunt-screeps is written and maintained by the Screeps team. It used to upload code to the screeps server using Grunt.
  • gulp-screeps is used to upload code to the screeps server using Gulp.

Web Client Extensions

A javascript plugin extension, such as Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey, are needed to run these plugins.

  • Alliance Overlay adds information from the League of Automated Nations to the game map.
  • Room Claim Assistant colors extends the "Owner Control Level" to make room selection easier. It adds the mineral to the view, turns two source rooms green, claimed or reserved rooms red, and "signed" rooms by other players orange.
  • Visible Room Tracker automatically sets a memory location with your current visible room, allow you to do things such as turn on visualizations only when needed.
  • ScreepsSC is a Chrome extension which adds new features and makes more information available on the Screeps website. Some features include making market history more readable, adding a battle radar, letting users view other player's creep names, and enhancing the leaderboard.